Hop On, Hop Off: Hops In

Off on the Southport Run this afternoon. For those that don’t know this involves getting the train to Southport, getting a couple of pints there then hopping back on the train to Liverpool.

Oh, and getting off at stops that have real ale options near to the station for a pint. Hop on, hop off, and hops in as it were.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done it and the options have vastly improved at the northern end of the run with the addition of the Tap & Bottles in Southport, the Barrel House in Birkdale and the Grasshopper in Hillside. As far as I know Ainsdale still doesn’t have good options, which is a place crying out for a new pub or micro pub isn’t it?

Of course after that there’s The Freshfield and the Railway in Formby. Then the options around Crosby (the Cornerpost) and Waterloo (StampsToo, Volunteer etc). As for Liverpool, depending on verticality issues, well, we’ll see.

Will try and post updates on here (no chance around the signal black hole of Freshfield of course). If not will update tomorrow and will of course Tweet and Instagram photos. @realeliverpool

Anticipated crawl:

  • Baron’s Bar
  • Tap & Bottles
  • Barrel House
  • Grasshopper
  • Freshfield
  • The Railway
  • The Hightown
  • Cornerpost
  • Stamps Too
  • Lion

(Subject to beer related bright ideas)

Like I say, subject to change. One of the last times I did this crawl I started in the Mason’s Arms (with a group of beer drinking ladies!). So thought I’d give it a go again. Three cask taps… all off. 

So popped to closest other option The Willow Grove. A typical Wetherspoon’s, on Lord Street. Decent pint of Hawkshead Lakeland Gold. Nothing of note really, apart from someone asking for a taster of that unusual ale ‘Doom Bar’. I ask ya!

Then it was on to the Baron’s Bar in the Scarisbrick Hotel, Lord St. This is where I first started my ale drinking back in the late 1980s when I was at KGV Sixth Form. Oh the memories.

Anyway, decent choice of ales. A few Moorhouse and Southport Brewery options. Settled for the latter and their Golden Sands. Incredibly it’s cheaper than Wetherspoons – £2.19 a pint.

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