The Crawl Less Travelled

Decided to have a different walk around town last week. Instead of the usual top Liverpool pubs with guaranteed pint size glasses of loveliness I chose a few other hostelries less frequently visited on the ale trail.

First off was the Victoria Cross on Victoria Street (sister pub to the Richmond). It was sparsely populated with obvious regulars. Of the six taps there were four ales on – it was a Monday after all – and the beers were all quality: Southport Carousel, Brimstage Trapper’s Hat, Tatton White Queen and Thwaites Wainwright.

I went for the Carousel (easing in to the crawl after all). It was on fine form and reasonably priced at £2.70. I’ll be back sometime I dare say.

Wrote down a list of pubs to consider for #thecrawllesstravelled and started tweeting about it too. Of course. I’m a Twitter obsessive after all.

The second pub was the Exchange Bar on Old Hall Street. It looks quite old fashioned and unappealing from the outside but I used to go there quite a lot when I worked on Tithebarn Street in the 1990s. It hasn’t changed.

There were only two beers on: Thwaites Wainwright and Lancaster Bomber.

I went for the Bomber for a change – £2.60. Okay but not sparkling.

Next up was a more traditional pub, another regular from the 1990s, The Pig & Whistle. A nicer cosier more interesting pub than the Exchange. Let down by a single issue. The two taps were off. So it was off and out…

Ma Boyles over by St Nics was much more welcoming for an ale drinker. There were three taps with two beers on: Robinson’s ‘Trooper’ and Vocation ‘Chop & Change: Chinook’. Went for the Vocation which was a new one for me. It was lush! The crawl was looking up. For info it was £3.40 a pint.

Had a good chat with the enthusiastic manager who used to work at the Philharmonic pub – when it was good.

Contemplated staying for another, but that would have knocked another pub from the little travelled crawl so decided better of it. And I will be back to Boyle’s no doubt!

Another blast from the past was The Cornmarket. One of the oldest pubs (or two pubs) in the city. Again a lovely venue. Has a nice beer garden – very much a rarity in Liverpool pubs. It was almost empty. But it was mid-afternoon on a Monday so it would be.

Ales on were not inspiring at all – national brands. Went for the Atlantic which was okay, but not on good form. Was happy to leave and unlikely to rush back.

The Beehive by Chapel Street was another 1990s haunt – largely to watch footy or on a Friday post work night; was a Guinness then with young people but not today.  Two bland nationals on, which I won’t bother publicising. Still, I stopped for one and at least I could sit outside and people watch for half an hour


Heard some good things about the Lime Kiln lately but it was the first time I’ve been in since I had a poor experience over a year ago. And lo! that experience was all but forgotten when I found Jaipur was on… with a 50p voucher it was cheaper than discounted milk. Happy boy. I’ll be back!

For the last pint it was round the corner to the infamous Swan. An okay pint of Saphir Single Hop, but to be honest I was still recoiling from my accidental Jaipur.


All in all some disappointing pubs – which I suppose there would be (or else it would be the crawl MOST travelled). But finding the ales on at the Lime Kiln and the excellent ale (and service) at Ma Boyle’s will take me back to these places again. And I would recommend not sticking rigidly to the same pubs; you never know what you may find…

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