New Keyboard, New Possibilities

Bought a foldable Bluetooth keyboard and it is the dogs doo dahs! 

So that means that it is a lot easier to type up stuff whilst out and about – like this.

I am currently in the Pen Factory where there is some lovely ale on – including Ossett ‘Inception’ and ‘Golden Ale’, Tiny Rebel ‘Ryu’ and Rock the Boat ‘Dazzle’. Top choices and it’s sunny and there’s room in the garden.



After tryng my first Rock the Boat ‘Dazzle’ and a nice chin wag about beer, cricket and the US of A with a couple of locals I went on to the Caledonia. The Cali is one of my most favoritest pubs in Liverpool for the ambience and the music. But not always for the beer quality. Happy to report that the Hop Hop Hop from Allgates was on fine form. 

Hop Hop Hop in the Caledonia

The lickle long dogs were on fine form too.


To follow the Cali it was on to the Blackburne. Four ales on – two Parker Ales, a Steam Box and Dazzle again fom Rock the Boat.

The Kinks are playing (think it’s a CD and not that they are practising upstairs) and I went for a Centurion.

(still loving the keyboard)

Centurion in the Blackburne

From there it was obviously downhill and round the nearby corner to the Belvedere. Fab there to see George Wright ‘Pipe Dream’ on. Bit surprised to see Rock the Boat ‘Dazzle’ on – three pubs out of four?! hats of to their sales staff!

  Finally it was a quick one in the Fly in the Loaf. Had a Revisionist (Marstons) West Coast IPA. Not outstanding but then again quite drinkable too.
Bonus was to sit outside on the single table remaining. (Staff had started to clear outside before 9pm – Dom must have had a day off).


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