Pub of the Year – Liverpool Branch

This is my second post about the Liverpool Branch Pub of the Year. No, you didn’t miss my other one. It was just so long and convoluted about some of the nonsense I’ve decided to go all Flash! short and set myself a 150 word limit with no swearing permitted. I have nothing but the best wishes to Liverpool Pigeon and hope that it has many years of success with growing popularity (and extending opening hours) and that we all visit and enjoy it and its ale. It is really the selection process and about the disconnect between branch members, landlords and ladies, and those that don’t think that matters.

So here goes, 150 words:


As a starting point in my view the Liverpool Branch Pub of the Year should be the best pub of the year within the branch of Liverpool. Urm. You wouldn’t think that would be contentious, would you?

The branch members are encouraged to vote for the pubs that they think are the best in the branch. A year ago it was decided that the system should deliver a non-city centre hostelry so the process was changed to make members select suburban pubs (whether or not they would be in their top twenty pubs within the branch).

Hey Presto! The branch has delivered two suburban venues as the PoTY for the last two years. The Liverpool Pigeon had been going for 4 months at the time of the vote. Just FOUR MONTHS. The best pub in Liverpool? It could be. One day.

But is it the pub of the year?


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One Response to Pub of the Year – Liverpool Branch

  1. After 4 months, it seems a little odd to include this as a contender and many other nominees who have worked hard on their lot over a 12 month period could feel rightly aggreived (though not to take away from what is a great achievement from the Pigeon, accomplishing a lot in a short period).

    The danger for me is the shifting of goal posts (it hasn’t been assessed over 12 months, plus it’s technically in Sefton – not Liverpool) and seemingly odd (and perhaps a little dated) approach from CAMRA in this establishment gaining a nomination, which is not exactly helping their image. There’s a danger of becoming irrelevant for them here.

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