Seven Liverpool Pubs

Took a wander on Saturday afternoon to seven pubs at the top end of town walking from Peter Kavanagh’s to Fly in the Loaf taking in some regulars (Cali, Belv, Fly) and some not so regular venues (Pilgrim and Blackburne) and taking the opportunity for a few photographs:

  • Peter Kavanagh’s
  • Blackburne Arms
  • Caledonia
  • Belvedere
  • Ye Cracke
  • Pilgrim
  • Fly in the Loaf

There was a fairly decent choice of beer on in Peter K’s and I started my afternoon of with a Northern ‘Hit & Run’. Other ales on were: Blakemere ‘Navajo’, Cottage ‘Endeavour’ and Abbot Ale. Took a few pics both inside and outside (where there was a beautiful cloudless sky – following an early morning monsoon).

Peter Kavanagh's in the sunshine

Peter Kavanagh’s in the sunshine

Following Peter K’s it was straight down Catharine Street towards the city, where I popped into the Blackburne Arms for one. It was very quiet as it was an hour or so before the footy when people were either heading to the game (Everton) or a hostelry to watch it. I was disappointed to see that they had got rid of the big green leather sofas, although they had taken up a lot of room.

Blackburne Arms and more blue sky

Blackburne Arms and more blue sky

Blackburne Arms and Glass

Blackburne Arms and Glass

There were only two ales on: Arizona-  ‘Dry as a Desert’ and Salopian – ‘Firkin Freezin’ I went for the latter which was a gorgeous very dry hoppy effort from the ever reliable Shropshire brewery. It was nice to have the option of having the beer in a old style handled glass rather than a straight effort.

From there it was a few doors down to the Caledonia where the two puppies were asleep in front of the fireplace. Husski and Havi were not asleep.

There were two ales from Melwood on: ‘St Stephen’ and ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ (which I went for – very pale and very quaffable), there was also Three Bs – ‘Bee Blonde’ and Liverpool Craft ‘Icon’ available.

Had a good chinwag with Laura – the landlady – and a couple of customers (and Havi – though that conversation was a little one sided).

It was then time to go back on myself a little and head to the Belvedere where I came across more ale drinking reprobates and the ever lovely bar maid (Kelly). There were four beers on: Phoenix (they must have had a delivery on last week) – ‘Arizona’, Brimstage – ‘Trapper’s Hat’ (my favourite session ale), Cambrinus (LOB) – ‘Deliverance’ and last but not least the new ale from Wapping Mad – the brewery rising like a phoenix (they are everywhere) from the ashes of Wapping Brewery along with Mad Hatter Brewery.

The Belvedere and Georgian Liverpool

The Belvedere and Georgian Liverpool

The ale was a 4.2% fruity & malty bitter packing a lot of taste for its abv. I will be drinking more of it I am sure.

From the Belv it was down hill to Ye Cracke where there was ales from Atomic ‘Strike’ Blakemere ‘Vanilla Stout’ and Blakemere ‘Jewel’. The vanilla stout was good stuff indeed.

Met a couple from St Helens and talked about all things CAMRA/Turks Head/Olde England.

Quickly left the Cracke and headed into the Pilgrim for the first time in over a year. They had three ales on: Cottage – ‘Endeavour’ (another delivery last week in this area then), Liverpool Craft – ‘Icon’ and Mayflower – ‘Lancashire Stout’. I went for the latter, which was average but I’ll try it again – if I see it again – to see if it was just its condition.

Welcome to the Pilgrim

Welcome to the Pilgrim

Final pint was in the now very reliable Fly in the Loaf where I went for Tiny Rebel ‘Billabong’. Other ales on were: Mallinsons ‘Simcoe’, Sarah Hughes – ‘Ruby Mild’, Rooster’s – ‘Saint Robert’ and Jennings – ‘Cumberland’. Ace choice. Just a shame Man Utd won though.

All in all an interesting afternoon with new and old beers and regular and unregular haunts!

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  1. Cheryl Atkinson says:

    Sounds like a fab afternoon, invite me along next time!

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