It’s All About the Pubs

Look. I love my beer. Love a decent ale. A pint that fills my mouth with glorious loveliness. That makes me thank the brewer. The farmer. Makes me happy.

But it’s just a drink. If it’s at home – it’s just a drink.

If you want to have a lovely drink. A sublime drink. A drink that makes you truly happy. Truly. Then – really – it has to be with people. In an environment you feel relaxed in.

Luckily, drinks are normally served in these places we have in the UK called ‘pubs’ – Public houses. They grew from exactly that, houses – homes – that became small businesses. Sold drinks to the local people. Anyone. Public. Houses. Pubs.

Yep! That is where you come in. I’m there; happy with my pint. A pint designed – maybe – and certainly made by a brewer. Someone who cares about it. My liquid chef. Maybe miles away. Maybe not.

So, okay my pints there. In my hand. If I’m lucky: liquid gold. Liquid loveliness. But it’s just a drink.

Pubs. Pub. People and beer. Maybe live music. But definitely people. Staff. Punters. Banter. A laugh. Support.


And next… well I think I need to scrawl a little about my favourite edge of city pub. Community pub. The Caledonia.

The Cali.

Great staff. Boss music. Fab regulars. People who care about the place. Each other. A pub saved in part by its regulars.

A sound community pub… a Scrawl to follow…


In the meantime though. Well, I’m of to the Cali!




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